easy, breezy breathing

🙏 finally, fresh air.

give it to me

Why Choose PuraBreeze?

It's smarter, faster, stronger, and better. There is no competition.


Watch it Work its AutoMagic 🤩

PuraBreeze reveals your air's true colors with super sensors that show real-time air quality data. Watch the light go from red to green as your air gets a real good scrub down.

Switch on auto mode and watch PuraBreeze adjust ✨automagically✨ to take air pollution to the cleaners.

Strokes of Genius 💡

Other brainy features:

  • Remote Control
  • Smartphone Control
  • Filter Swap Reminders
  • Sleep Mode
  • 12-Hour Timer
  • Lights-Off Mode


Clean Breathing in Minutes

PuraBreeze is impressively speedy. It filters 314 cubic feet of air per minute. That's called its CFM, which stands for "Crazy Fast, Man!" (Or Cubic Feet per Minute. Either way, it's quick!)

Let me at it
How Fast is That?

It's pretty darn fast — like, “cleans the air in your bedroom in under 5 minutes” fast.*

*Calculation based on ~150 sq. ft. room with 8-ft. high ceilings (AKA, the average bedroom size in the good ol' US of A)

“So, You’re Saying in Just 5 Minutes…”

You can say “byeee!” to:

  • Sneeze makers
    (peace out pollen, pet dander & dust ✌️)
  • Sick day takers
    (au revoir aerosols carrying viruses & bacteria 🤢)
  • Smelly odors
    (so long stink, stank, stunk 🦨)
  • Smoke & gases
    (toodles tokes & wildfire smoke 🔥)


4X the Power 💪

PuraBreeze’s unique four-step filtration captures pollutants other purifiers leave behind.

We're talkin' real 👏 fresh 👏 air.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

traps dust, pollen & other large particulate matter

HEPA filter
captures those itty-bitty particles — down to 0.3 microns, including allergens, smoke & aerosols carrying viruses & bacteria

Activated carbon filter
removes odor, outdoor pollution, acid gases & volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, terpenes & carcinogenic contaminants

UV light
has that extra germ-targeting oomph to kick viruses & bacteria to the curb


Those other guys just can’t keep up 🏃💨 — and let’s be honest, they don’t deserve you.

"Hey baby, you want less speed AND less power, ALL with a higher price tag?"

Check out what they "have to offer" and say it with us: "Um, what competition?"

I want the best


Buy 2 - 4 Units     =     Save $20.00 Per Unit

Buy 5 - 9 Units     =     Save $50.00 Per Unit

Buy 10+ Units     =     Save $80.00 Per Unit

PuraBreeze Air Purifier

for Home, Office w/ HEPA and UV, Eliminate Odor Smoke Dust and Mold
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